Nail Diary #256

March 30, 2014
Hi there! Hooray I hit the red tag jackpot at Target, I found the L’oreal Gold Dust Collection polishes on sale for under $2 each. Since these are normally go for $5.99 a bottle I found myself snatching these up. I got seven total; I know I am weak. But in all fairness I got three the first time I saw them, and then three a few weeks later on another target trip and then went and got one more this morning after I did this manicure since I realized they are liquid gems in a bottle.
The polishes in this collection are matte textured glitter. Very similar to pixie dust which I am obsessed with; so it’s no wonder why I just could not resist getting seven of these babies. I have no regrets at all. That’s how I know I am true nail polish addict, aHhhhh sigh.
On to the nails.
Before I do sponge gradient manicure I always start with a neutral base color. This time I used Sally Hansen insta-dry Sand Storm as my base.
Then using my cosmetic wedge I sponged on
Rough around the edges closest to cuticle. It’s black with silver glitters
I like it chunky in the middle a copper color with gold and orange/red glitter
The statement piece gold gold and more gold.
This look was super easy to sponge on…the cleanup was a pain. But in my opinion totally worth the trouble.
I love how this turned out. I wore it for a day with no top coat. But decided to add a top coat this afternoon. I liked it both ways but I think I love it more with the top coat. In the sun these nails are really amazing, pictures do not do them justice.
I can’t wait to play with the other four colors I scored on sale from this awesome collection.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

No Top Coat


With Top Coat


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