Nail Diary #251

March 12, 2014
WoW!! It’s nearly spring break already!
2014 seems to be going by very fast; but I can tell you what Spring can’t come soon enough.
I have some fun St Patty green nails to share with you tonight. Mr Am1e asked if I was using green polish this time in hopes of making the grass turn green again, oh I wish.
First I started with Sinful Colors Pistache a pretty pistachio spring green. This color was great for about a day.
Of course I had to take them to the next level. A perfect way to do that is adding an easy sponge gradient.
Using a simple triangle makeup sponge I sponged on my base color Pistache nearest to cuticle, China Glaze Starboard for the middle and China Glaze This is Tree-Mendous a green and gold glitter for the tips. You may be wondering why I sponged on Pistache when it was already my base, well this helps with blending the middle color. That way there is a smooth transition between the greens.
I think these nails look very festive indeed.
I was going to add some fun St Patty stamping images but decided I would wait for another manicure closer to the actual holiday.
I can’t rave enough about the sponge gradient technique. I absolutely love how they turn out and with minimal effort, the hardest part is the clean up.

Do you do your nails festive for every holiday?

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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