Nail Diary #248

February 28, 2014
I have to say I am really not sad to see February go. Bye B don’t let the door hit you… I’m not bitter, no wait maybe I am.
I absolutely cannot wait for Spring!!

On to the fun stuff, Nail Polish.
Have you seen the SquareHue Tokyo Passport Collection?
My favorite polish in this collection is Shibuya. This is a duochrome micro glitter pink in your face polish. Duochrome meaning in certain lighting it looks like a different color. Sometimes it’s hot glitter pink and it other lights it has a blue/purple shimmer. There is also a gold/orange shimmer in the bottle that I did see on the nail in a certain angle.
I did do four coats…I guess I just couldn’t stop brushing. Every stroke made it get more vibrant and bold.
And when this polish gets in the sunlight, goodnight.

Of course Shibuya is gorgeous all on its own. But I just had to do some stamping over it after a day. With my Konad black I added some images from my Pueen 73 stamping buffet plate. I am in love with these plates.
I love doing random images on each nail. A rose here and a vine there.

Can you feel my love for this manicure? So happy with how these turned out.

Ps Have you subscribed to SquareHue yet?
If you haven’t do yourself a favor and do.
I look forward to stalking the mailbox every month just to see what theme they come out with next. 🙂
Plus the quality and quantity you just can’t beat SquareHue.
And no they didn’t pay me to say that it’s my own personal opinion.
I just love Hue pure and simple!!

Enjoy your weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.





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