Nail Diary #240

Thursday January 30, 2014
It’s that time of year. Pink and red is all the rave and love is in the air.
Tonight I have a lovely manicure to share with you.
I picked the perfect combination of red, pink and white polish and created a sponge gradient manicure.
First I started with nude undies a Sally Hansen instra-dry polish called Petal Pusher. Petal Pusher is perfect for underwear because it is barely there and it dries quickly.
The colors I picked for my gradient are all China Glaze polishes. They are SO glittery and shimmery.
The color closest to my cuticle is a sheer white with a gold shimmer called White Cap.
Did a pink in the middle called Strawberry Fields it goes with great with White Cap. They both have that gold shimmery finish.
The third color on my tips is Ruby Pumps. Oh Ruby Pumps I love you so. In fact I noticed my bottle is half gone so I definitely need to get a backup bottle sometime.

To do my sponge gradient I used a simple makeup wedge from Target. It is so easy to achieve this look. The most work is the cuticle clean up, but grab yourself some pointed QTips and polish remover, easy breezy.

I absolutely love how these colors look together.
I was going to add a stamp but I decided they look perfect without one.

Do you LOVE Valentine nails? I sure do.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




10 thoughts on “Nail Diary #240

  1. How lovely dear! And you are right – Ruby Pumps is a gorgoues nail polish. Worth to have in your collection 🙂
    Glad you joined our Valentine’s Day contest! good luck.


  2. I own Ruby Pumps and it really is worth all the hype. This mani is so perfect for V-Day. I’m currently single, but I will be happily chowing down on homemade cupcakes and watching movies. 🙂


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