Nail Diary #238

Tuesday January 21, 2014
Hey polish lovers.
Did you guys get in on the the Zoya color your life promo? Basically Zoya gave away three bottles of nail polish and you just had to pay for shipping.
What a deal!! Zoya polishes are 9-10 dollars a bottle so to me this was a great deal. Plus to sweeten the deal they threw in spend $25 and then get free shipping, shut the front door. Because I am the kind of girl that loves a deal I’d rather spend the $25 to get free shipping. I mean who wants to pay shipping?? I know I know I technically spent more money because shipping on the three free bottles was only $12 but hey I got six bottles of awesome Zoya polish for mere twenty seven dollars. Whoooo hoooo!!!
Zoya is a new favorite brand for me. I got a few bottles for Christmas and have been in lust ever since!!
So tonight I am going to show you Zoya Normani. Normani is from the Naturel Collection that just came out recently. It is a cream nude purple/mauve. I love this polish all on its own, I actually wore it all by its self for a WHOLE day. It only needed two coats for total coverage. The hue looked great against my pale dry white Iowa skin.
Because I can’t help myself tonight I had to play with some stamping and finishes over Normani.
On my pinky and thumbs I added some China Glaze crackle. I know right, crackle that is SO last year. But I had the urge to put metallic pink with Normani. Haute Metal was the perfect shade and it allowed some of Normani to peek out.
On my other three nails I used Julep Maria to stamp on some lacey pink metallic roses. Bundle Monster image plate H16. Again I love this pink metallic with this Zoya base, the pink really pops!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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