Nail Diary #234

Sunday January 5, 2014
Oh boo winter break is officially over, back to school for my daughter and back to work for me. Why do vacation days go by so quickly?!?! I will miss my leisurely days of watching tv and sleeping in. Back into the real world we go.
This leads me tonights manicure. 2 out of 3 of these polishes I got over the holiday.
On my pinky, index and thumb I used my new OPI liquid sand polish that I got for a Christmas gift. It is from the Mariah Carey Holiday line. I have very few liquid sand polishes but I was drawn to this color so it went onto my wish list, it’s is called Emotions. Emotions is a semi matte liquid sand polish with fab glitters, very dark and very eye catching. This is not your typical black it is so so so much more. No top coat needed. A must have for sure. So pleased I received it!!
On my ring and middle I added some glam. I used China Glaze Angel Wings gold glitter as a base for China Glaze Boo-gie Down. Boo-gie Down I picked up on sale at Sally’s this is from the 2013 Halloween line, it is a complex glitter polish full of all sorts of glitter shapes and sizes and colors in a clear jelly base. Boo-gie Down definitely requires a base color to pop.
I am loving this dark glam manicure. I hope you got some fun polish gifts this year!!
Have a great first week of 2014. Hope it is not too cold in your neighborhood, I think the high here is Iowa tomorrow is supposed to be negative 4, the high…oh my!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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