Nail Diary #208

Tuesday September 17, 2013
Hey guys!! Hope your week is going fab. Sunday night’s nails lasted less then 24hours. Not that I didn’t like them; I had to plan my polish around my work attire.
For my day job I have a work seminar Tuesday and Wednesday so I decided to tone it down. Not because my nails were too flashy…I mean is there such a thing, lol jk. Just mainly I wanted my nails to match my outfits. I don’t dress up too often so I wanted to really go all out and accessorize my nails to my clothes. Do you ever do that, I find myself doing it a lot. And like Mr Am1e said last night “it’s not like you don’t have to polish to do it” haha funny guy.
I am going to be wearing grey and black ensembles so I choose a Sinful Colors matte grey polish called My Turn. First off I love matte polish, I think I have mentioned that a time or two. And I love grey polish, especially when paired with an accent color or funky top coat.
So to jazz up My Turn I added my new Orly matte flakie FX topcoat on my ring and index fingers. I got this from Sallys a week or so ago. It is the green flakie, no name topcoat. I love this flakie matte look over My Turn. It really adds a little something something.
Do you love the matte polish look as much as I do?
Have a great rest of the week. I am sure you will hear from me again in the next few days :). I can’t help it I am addicted to polish 💋

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




Ps I got these done Monday night so for the first shot I had to photograph in my homemade light box. The second and third shot was outside today after work.
I better get used to my light box again short days and long nights are coming.

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