Nail Diary #207

Sunday September 15, 2013
Hi fellow polish lovers!!
Here in Iowa we are getting closer to the first day of fall and boy does it feel like it today. I sure am going to miss the long days and nights of summer. Tonight’s mani really could have benefited from the summer sun to show the magnificent-ness of this copper Finger Paints glitter polish (yes I totally just made up that word, lol).
I started with Julep Sally. Sally is a pale yellow hue. Sally went on great, not streaky at all and only required two coats. On my ring finger I used China Glaze VIII for an accent color. VIII is a dark purple, nearly black. Then on all my Sally nails I added the purple polish to the tips to create a funky French mani.
I was going to quit there but it just seemed unfinished.
So I pulled out the big guns…Finger Paints Fall of Surprises!. I picked
Fall of Surprises! up last year from Sally’s beauty supply. It’s a lovely multi size copper glitter polish. I added this glitter to the accent nail and on my purple tips. And just because I am obsessed with Out the Door hologram topcoat I added that over the copper glitter for an extra WoW. I cannot wait to see these nails in the sun!!
Are you guys ready for the next season. I am but I am not 😉

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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