Nail Diary #200

Friday August 23, 2013
Ooh heck no this is my 200th diary post, whaaaaaattttt!!! WoW I just looking back at all my nail diary entries, thinking I have come a long way since that first entry. I started this blog thinking no way would anyone care about my obsession with nail polish. But I have found the opposite true. Not only do people care but they actually like my madness. I have come to enjoy this awesome blogging community, I had no idea so many people shared my obsession. Thank goodness I am not alone.
So as I was driving to work staring at my nails…per usual. Trying to think of what I will say about last nights mani…I came up with Grease nails. You know that oldie but goodie Grease movie. My nails totally remind me of the leather wearing greasers wearing and the cra cra pink ladies.
On to the polish. I love love love matte nail polish!!! So Sinful Colors new LeatherLuxe line was a must have for me. I just had to play with Whipped from that line fist. Whipped is black polish that dries with a matte finish. It really reminds me of black leather, I love it. And no matte top coat needed, yay. I did two accent nails with Sinful Colors hot neon pink Bikini. Bikini is hot hot hot a perfect color for a pink lady, haha. I just love it paired with black.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict




10 thoughts on “Nail Diary #200

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m wandering through older posts, and I love it so far! You really put this nicely, that’s what I was thinking, nobody would care about my love of colours and stamping or they’d hate it. But then I myself got REALLY into other people’s blogs and finally thought: if I love them so much, why wouldn’t they want to read about other girls’ obsession with polish? That’s sort of the point of blogging. 🙂 This mani ssoooooo doesn’t make me think of Grease, but I do love it. I never wear pink, because I hate it on my fingers, but this is such hot pink, not tame, and the black you added transforms it into something edgier, really good idea : )


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