Nail Diary #173

Monday May 27, 2013
So yesterday I had some extra time… I decided to watch Netflix instant and attempt to do a water marble mani. Well the movie was good but the water marble not so much.
I got 3 nails into it and gave up. I was so annoyed by the whole thing. I’m not sure what the problem was…water temp or maybe humidity in the air but the polish just wouldn’t pool out.
I had Sally Hansen insta-dri Petal Pusher on as a base. I choose this polish as a base because it is a nice nude-pink quick dry polish; a great canvas for my marble. After I gave up on my marble I was so over it that I just repainted the three botched nails and left them plain until today.
Today I decided to attempt a chevron tip … I choose a holo polish. China Glaze Galactic Gray. I did use Orly chevron guides, I normally would try freehand but I just didn’t want to chance messing up yet again.
I really like the holo with the petal pusher the chevron tip really pops with the neutral base. My tips aren’t perfect but not too bad for first attempt.

Ps ignore my cuticles…they are a hot mess. I have been trying all sorts of cuticle products but they still are horrid. If you have any suggestions I am all ears.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict




2 thoughts on “Nail Diary #173

  1. I love this colour combo! It’s so sexy!
    Make sure your water is room temp and put your nail in at an angle, wait 10 seconds and pull out the way you came in.
    I know this will sound weird but gently wash your cuticles once a day (I do it in the shower). Take your nail brush and scrub. Any massaging under the cuticle to first knuckle will promote nail growth too. And then twice a day (before bed and after morning shower) put on cuticle oil.


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