Nail Diary #151

Wednesday March 13, 2013
Hello all, hope this week is treating you all well.
Today I’ll show you my sinfully green nails.
They are almost too green, looks like I have slime on my nails 🙂 But hey it’s all in the name of festive nails.
So I started with my Sinful Colors Irish Green polish. This is a bright neon green semi jelly polish. I do suggest you have underwear with this polish or you may end up with several coats for good coverage. I used Julep’s Rebel for my underwear.
Once my Irish Green was dry, I added another Sinful Colors polish Green Ocean, 2 coats. This is a green jelly polish with teal/green Mylar flecks. Green Ocean is pretty rad looking in the sunlight. I am so happy to see sunlight today. Super excited that spring is right around the corner. I cannot wait for winter to be gone!!
Thanks for stopping by❤!!

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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