Nail Diary #148

Sunday March 3, 2013
So I skipped posting the last mani…sorry I had a rough week. The death of my mom is still affecting me but I am determined to move on from this…I know she would not be happy that I am so sad. I just miss her so deeply. Anyway sorry to be a downer…but I share my nails and when I don’t I want my readers to know why.
I have been hearing about this polish at Walmart Hard Candy. I have never heard of this brand so of course a little retail therapy was in order. Buying new polish always cheers me up…that and I got the Breaking Dawn blu-ray. Both parts!! Watching part 2 as I type. It’s soooooooooo good!!!!!! (opps meant to post this last night but my wordpress app was acting crazy)
On to the nails…
Started with all white nails using Julep Kate. White polish is so hard to work with…this one was no exception needed 3 coats for even coverage. Then on the pinky n ring finger I added my new Hard Candy glitter. From the crystal confetti collection Black tie Optional is a black and white multi size n shape glitter. I applied two more coats. It was tricky to work with but well worth the effort. I decide to add over Kate Orly’s Winter Wonderland a glittery white top coat. To finish the manicure I added my Julep matte top coat for a little more drama.
I am pleased with how my nails turned out!!!  They kind of remind me of clean snow and dirty snow, lol!!!
Have u tried Hard Candy ❤polish? I loved the all the colors and the names…it was hard to choose which to buy…I settled on four bottles not knowing the price per bottle…Walmart didn’t have them marked, ugh.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




6 thoughts on “Nail Diary #148

  1. That’s very pretty! Please, give yourself time and space to grieve. In our culture it seems we are not ‘allowed’ to, but it is very necessary. Big internet hugs to you, glad you are giving yourself treats and time! 🙂


  2. That is so true about our culture…it’s not right that I seem shame for being sad all the time, I shld feel sad she was not only my mom but my bf. Thanks so much 4 the hugs and comment 🙂


  3. Oooooh my golly gosh! LOVE IT!!

    And biiiiiig hugs for you all the way from South Africa!!!

    I’ve never heard of Hard Candy before but really like what you’ve got on. It’s different!
    Also you’ve got me into this doing my ring and middle finger the same and my pink and index the same. I did that for my caviar manis for this week!


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