Nail Diary #143

Sunday February 17, 2013
I actually did these on the night of Thursday the 14th.
I found it hard to capture the true beauty of this color at first but the sun finally came out here in Iowa.
This Finger Paints polish is called Plum Startled.
This is from the 2012 fall of surprises line.
First time I have tried it. I must say I love it. It’s a plum purple with micro glitter finish. It’s gorgeous in the sunlight. I almost want to call it metallic plum. I see a blue finish depending on the lighting. I did do three coats.
I have had it on for three days now and no chips just minor tip wear.

Now to figure out what color to try next…so many polishes so little time 🙂 A fun problem to have.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.



6 thoughts on “Nail Diary #143

  1. How does Finger Paints hold up on you with regards to chipping? I used to own Artistic Azure, but I swapped it away because it chipped so badly on me. I wonder if maybe I got a dud, or if the entire line chips.


    • Well I have never heard of Artist Azure…
      I had this on for over 3 days with no chips, just normal tip wear. I do use a lot of clear top coat so that helps a lot. I never have a problem with it because I change my polish so often 🙂


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