Nail Diary #136

Thursday January 16, 2013
Out with the funky french on to something better.
I have this dilemma I am getting so many bottles of my polish in my collection that it is getting harder and harder to choose a color. Sometimes it comes right to me, but other nights I get polish block. This was one of those times. So my Mr. picked out this next color. I think he did a great job.
He choose Finger Paints Get Real-ism! I actually have had this polish for quite sometime now but I have not used it for a few years. It went on like new by the way. This is a complex color but I love it. It’s purple no wait it’s pink no wait it’s lavender/mauve. Well maybe it is all of the above…really all you need to know it’s beautiful.
Rather than doing a regular o manicure I added a couple accent nails to mix it up.
So first I did 2 coats of Get Real-ism! then I added Sally Hansen, gem crush glitter Big Money to my index and pinky fingers. Big Money is gold mini glitter with larger pink glitters. It’s a pretty fun glitter and it really goes great with Get Real-ism!
Topped them all with my fast dry Seche Vite and called it done.

Man I love nail polish it sure makes me happy!!

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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