Nail Diary #123

Friday December 7, 2012
TGIF kind of…
Today did not start as expected; getting ready for work like any other day then my daughter woke up sick. Icky nasty stomach sick. EWww. Anyways on to the nails.
Last night I was feeling festive…
Just got my Julep Maven IT girl box earlier in the week SO I had to play.
Decided to deck my nails with Ivy.
OOOoooooo AHhhhhhhhhhhh Ivy is a beautiful micro glittery blue which color shifts to purple/pink. Very hard to capture in photographs by the way.
It reminds me of a blue Christmas tree ornament. It’s just lovely. I did however have to do four coats to get coverage to my satisfaction.



SO with my down time today as I was photographing Ivy I had this brilliant idea to put a stamp on it.
I decided to add some snowflakes. I live in Iowa and usually by now we have seen a few but “we got nothin”. So I think of this as my snow dance. Bring on a white Christmas. I used BM-323 for the flakes. Used a white polish I picked up from Walmart … Salon Perfect Snow Flurry. Which may not have been the best choice, it is almost too frosty to see on the Ivy but that’s ok sometimes subtle is good.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!!
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




Ps if you haven’t become a Julep Maven I highly recommend joining. They have a generous reward program and the products are to die!! I look forward to my box every month and appreciate that it is just as easy to skip a month.
If you’d like a link to join leave me a message or click the link to the right.

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