Nail Diary #121

Sunday December 2, 2012
WoW December already…wasn’t it just October?!?! These months are really going by quickly.
I remember when I was younger it took foreverrrrrrrr for Christmas to come!!! Now it comes too fast!!
Well again not quite ready for full on Christmas nails!!
Tonight I went for the “vintage” good stuff.
I cannot remember how long I have had this color but it seems like forever.
Btw the I love how “vintage” makes “old” sound SO glamorous!! Even though I have had this polish for ever it went on super easy…just like I bought it yesterday 😀
OPI La Boheme.
This is a shimmery dark berry red. I think it’s a duochrome, in the bottle in the right light it takes on coppery greenish hue. On the actual nail to me it just looks shimmery red so hmmmmm dunno.
I was going to add gold glitter but I decided to just enjoy it on its own for a day or so.
What a gorge red, I really love this vintage polish. And who doesn’t ❤ OPI?!?!

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




I have to share this adorable pic of my nephew Carson. He is almost 8 months old now. What a precious baby.


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