Nail Diary #120

Thursday November 29, 2012
A semi holiday mani…
All red nails with a glitter accent nail.
Both polishes are from the China Glaze Safari collection. Adventure Red-Y and the glitter is I herd that.
Got them at Sally’s red tag sale a few months ago. So glad I did…
The red went on great…only needed two coats.
I did put the glitter over the red…kind of wish I would have just did straight glitter accent nail. The red bleeds through in a kind of awkward way. I herd that is a gold coppery glitter…almost looks like there is a touch of red glitter which is why I put it with the red. It’s soooooo sparkly!! And I just love red nails. ❤




Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Ps check out this truck we saw while shopping tonight…too funny. Yes those are real Christmas lights!!


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