Nail Diary #109

Wednesday October 24, 2012
Feeling kinda corny tonight!
I have candy nails, candy corn that is…
I love candy corn. I hated it as a child but now I love it. I have tried really hard not to spoil my clean eating with candy, but I can’t lie I have snuck a piece here and there this month 🙂
So most tutorials on candy corn nails I see tape used. I am no good at using tape, I have no patience for it. Plus I kind of like the uneven lines…looks more realistic.
So I started with a yellow nail, Finger paints Art nouv-yellow. Needed 2 coats.
When that was good and dry I did my orange, Sinful Colors Courtney Orange. Covered about 3/4 of the nail. BTW I love this orange!
Then to finish my candy nails I did a white tip Sally Hansen White on. Make sure you wait until the white is completely dry to apply last top coat; you may notice my lack of patience in my pics as my white streaked a little bit, drat!!
Last year when I did these I had a shiny top coat. This time I used my Essie matte to finish. That really sets off the candy look.
They almost look good enough to eat.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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