Nail Diary #106

Saturday October 13, 2012
I did these last night.
I was waiting for some sun today to get some great pics and all the sudden it popped out 🙂
This polish is another from the Wet n Wild Pick Your Poison collection called Venomous Vixen. This a slate color. It really needed 3 coats for good solid coverage. This is a fun poison!!
Once again I had to glam it up with my new glitters I got at Michaels last week. I used a recollections glitter called Rust. I applied clear coat to the nail tip and added glitter. Then of course once again I applied my Seche Vite for a gorge glass like top coat.
The result is very Halloween like…I ❤ it. It looks like a pumpkin puked on my Vixen.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict





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