Nail Diary #105

Tuesday October 9, 2012
I did these last night.
I was hoping for some sun today to get some great pics…but no such luck. It was a dreary fall day in Iowa. Oh well.
This polish is from the Wet n Wild Pick Your Poison collection. I picked up the whole collection last week, I just couldn’t pick just one 🙂
I used Poison Ivy. This a witchy dark green almost black. It’s a great formula, only needed just 2 coats for great coverage. I definitely love this poison!!
And you know me I love to glam it up and Saturday I picked up some new glitter at Michaels that I just had to try out. Martha Stewart crafts iridescent glitter Black Licorice. I applied a clear coat to the nail near the cuticle and added glitter. Then of course I applied my Seche Vite for a gorge glass like top coat.
The result is just witchy…I ❤ it. I mean how can you not love glitter? Well the application is a little messy but totally worth it!! These pics don’t do the mani justice, but you get the idea.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict




Ps check out PiP the rat hanging out by my Halloween decorations … She fits right in 🙂


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