Nail Diary #87

Monday August 6, 2012
Happy Monday nail polish lovers!!
Tonight is a fun mani.
I was inspired by the summer Olympics and my Julep maven August IT girl polish!!!
Specifically the medals!!! Bronze, silver and GOLD!!!
Thumb and pinky are Julep’s Dakota my August add on!!! Love love this bronze color!! Index and ring fingers are Julep’s Harley. I love this one 2 for a silver it went on like a dream. Middle fingers are gold baby Julep’s Sienna. Again love this color only needed 2 coats.
Then of course I had to add a little sparkle…
On the bronze I used OPI’s glitter top coat nutcracker sweet an oldie but goodie. For the silver sparkle i used China Glaze Ray-Diant and last but not least I choose China Glaze blonde bombshell ohhhh ahhh I love this gold glitter.
So what do you think…I am much happier…sparkles always make me smile!!
Have a great week lovelies !!!

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




Ps PiP my daughter’s dumbo ear hairless rat made an cameo…but she is shy she wouldn’t look at the camera.


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