Nail Diary #86

Sunday August 5, 2012
Hi guys
Sorry I haven’t blogged all week. I got sick last Wednesday and got in slacker mode.
So I did my nails this afternoon outside on the patio…I was a gorg day here in Iowa today, perfect ten!!! Ahhhh finally after weeks of 100 degree days it was much needed.
I was not going to even blog this mani bc I am so disappointed in it. But I have to talk abt the good, the bad and the ugly, right.
Orly fowl play a purple jelly or not with chunky almost Mylar like pieces of random colored glitters.
Here we first off I did three coats…maybe that’s my problem??
On the way home from dinner I called my nails a disgrace bc they look so bad ok maybe I am being dramatic, lol.
I have got major shrinkage going on….and some funky texture…maybe from the chunky glitters?? Not to mention I was so annoyed I didn’t even try to clean up my cuticles, sorry.

I dunno has anyone else tried this polish??? Do you have any suggestions for a better result…maybe layering. I am really really disappointed bc I really only have abt 4 Orly polishes bc I am just that cheap. I splurged on them last month bc Sally’s had a sale going on. I would def call this polish fowl, haha!!

Ok rant over … I will def be redoing these nails tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




4 thoughts on “Nail Diary #86

  1. Get well! I have Fowl Play, it does have a lumpy texture (not gritty though) from all the glitters, but I didn’t have any shrinkage. Not good that it wasn’t a fun experience for you! 😦


    • Thanks I am slowly getting back to 100… Who gets sick in the Summer, lol.
      I think my SV is the culprit for the darn shrinkage. For some reason it shrinks thicker polishes 4 me…maybe I need a fresh bottle?!?!


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