Just a quick note!!

Instead of polishing my nails tonight I am reading about them…. Ugh I have been such a blog slacker.
I follow many many wonderful nail blogs and I have not had a chance to read any for a week or two. I look the hundreds of notifications of new posts and freeze up. Literally I have hundreds…and love them all so I get a little overwhelmed sometimes 😉 no good excuse if you ask me.
So this post is first off to say thanks for all my readers’ likes and comments…Means a lot that you actually like and read my posts for serious I am so flattered!!
And second apologies for not reciprocating the love lately. I am going to try to be better.
Well right after this…HA
I do want to show you a few polishes I got at Walgreens yesterday… Buy 2 get 1 free SH xtreme!!! Well yeah I had to get 6 bottles, lol.

Then I found fergie nail color by wet n wild…wanted them all but settled for just 3 for now…till next week, lol.

Plus I got a couple sinful colors just cause I am an addict…lol.
That’s what 12 bottles of polish…I crack me up….anybody want to start a support group??
Oh well what’s 12 more when you have well over 300?!?!
So tonight I am missing try it Tuesday to read about what you guys a trying.
Thanks again
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict!!

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