Nail Diary #75

Sunday June 24, 2012
In anticipation of getting my new 2012 bundlemonster stamping plates (so excited !! they shipped Friday) I decided to put a stamp on it today.
Remember when you stamp you want to make sure your base color is very dry. Started off painting my nails last night with Sally Hansen Posh Plum. This is a fun magenta color. Very bright and happy.
I am still not the best stamper…I will defiantly need to practice more…I have problems with full nail stamps, I always miss a spot. Ahhh well practice makes perfect.
On with the stamp, I picked BM-208 with Sally Hansen Celeb City silver metallic.
I like the stamp it would be great if I had this darn stamping mastered.
Anyhoo it looks good from afar…


Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.



9 thoughts on “Nail Diary #75

  1. I got mine on Saturday!!! Theyre awesome you’re gonna love them! I ordered mine the night before they came out and got them in 4 days including the day I ordered them. I bet you’ll get them any day now. Yayyy for new plates! They’re so cute!! Oh- these nails are cute, too. 🙂


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