Nail Diary #72

Thursday June 14,2012 ( I know a lil behind blogging this)
After taking the time to do my tequila sunrise nails I woke up Thursday morning to the dreaded nail polish shrinkage. It literally drove me crazy all day at work to look at it. Pretty sure the shrinkage has to do with SV fast dry. I googled it and found a few tips to avoid such horrors in the future, hope they work.
Of course I went right home and redid my nails….well after I stopped by Sally’s BS after work.
I must say I scored at Sally’s…there were a bunch of red tagged orly n CG polishes I could not resist. Plus I took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free finger paints stripping polishes. AND i had my coupon from spending 25 last month, think I saved $13more dollars….whoo hooo! Gotta ❤ a good sale/deal.
The color I used was one I picked up from clearance bin. Orly butterfly this is a pretty pink, I absolutely love it. Went on great, think I did 3 coats but prob really only needed 2.
I wanted to add a lil something without taking a long time so I used my BM 219 stamp and did zebra stripe tips in Revlon’s gold coin
I love the results.


Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Here is a picture of my shrinkage taken with my iPhone. The polish literally shrank on the tips…so sad was a cute mani.


7 thoughts on “Nail Diary #72

  1. both are so pretty! That is just craziness I have been seeing some other bloggers commenting on the shrinkage and I was not sure what they were referring to now I see, that sucks! I wonder if its certain types of polish, like the glitter? Craziness!!


    • Thank you 🙂
      Shrinkage does suck especially after you do all that work and can only wear that mani for a day 😦
      Not only does it look bad but ur nails feel weird, it can drive a girl crazy lol!


      • I can imagine, I hate it when I do my nails pretty and then the first or second day at work after typing it rubs off.. that drives me crazy! I will have to look out for the shrinkage 😦


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