Nail Diary #70

Saturday n Sunday June 9,10th, 2012
Hello just a lil behind on my nail post. Summer is really cramping my blogging style.
So Saturday afternoon I had to do a quick polish before my trip to the pool.
I used a polish I picked up at target the day before. Sally Hansen xtreme wear twisted pink. This is a pretty hot pink that has a gold shimmer the bottle which did not really translate on the nail. Can’t say I was super excited about this color on…it is ok but looks like a CG polish I already had, but pink is always fun 4 summer so it’s all good.
Sunday I was beat but wanted to freshen up my pink to get me through Monday so I put Loreal’s silver sparkle on half the nail to tip. I have to say IMO this sparkle is also prettier in the bottle. It’s kind of dull and boring on the nail. It looks ok I the sun :). Maybe I should try it with another color sometime.

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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