Nail Diary #67

Sunday June 3rd 2012 posting a day late…almost not a post at all.
IMO: Here is my failed neon water marble.
I wasn’t going to post bc I only had it on my nails long enough to get a few pics. I had such high hopes for my neon marble. I did a white base and then a bunch of china glaze neons. I thought it looked like tie dye on roids. I was so disappointed bc of the the time it took :(.
The colors just wouldn’t marble and when they did it was too blobby. Not sure if it was the temp in my house( pretty warm n breezy) or if it was the type of polish or maybe I just tried way too many colors. Too many to name…
BUT as I was taking it off Sydney my 8 yo daughter made a comment “cool nails mom”. So maybe it wasn’t that bad but I was to old for it, lol. Gasp I can’t believe I typed that…

So u decide…fail or funky?!?!?
Either way it’s just an unpleasant distant memory smeared on a remover soaked cotton ball in the trash.

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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