Nail Diary #62

Thursday May 17th, 2012
Happy almost Friday. Yay for the weekend!!
I can’t bare to take off my holo China Glaze hyper haute. Last night I did another coat and today it is still beautiful. So for something different without totally repainting I just stamped them. It was so hard to pick a stamp. I settled on a cluster of stars. Stamp BM-220.
So not my fav stamp…but it was too late I was committed 😉
I think the stamp is awkward and placement is not easy. The stars look sparse. But it will do for a day or 2.
Now that the days are longer I am finding it hard to sit down n paint my nails especially when it is nice out. We have this big beautiful yard that requires a lot of TLC.

On another note if you want to see my random photos follow me on IG (instagram) @am1e. I post at least once every few days :o)

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




Ps look at these beautiful lillies that bloomed yesterday…so gorg. Almost the same color as my nails.


7 thoughts on “Nail Diary #62

  1. This is so pretty!

    On a side note: I am very upset about my stamps, I was thinking of posting to see if anyone else had the same issues… I bought a stamper from Ebay, not the Konad one, and I got a pack of the MASH stamping plates. I went to go use them the other day and it would not work! I don’t know if its that the stamper is cheap, or what. I decided to just spend the money and get the real stamper, I sure hope its not the plates. Have you had this issue, or know of anyone?


    • thanks so much!!
      I have the konad stamper and mostly bundle monter plates…
      i find that not all of the designs want to stamp for me…not sure if its the stamp or the polish or the stamper(me) lol…
      you know what bothers me about the konad stamper–it is pink so it is hard to see pink polish, lol.
      Good luck–stamping is challenging for me– pratice makes perfect


      • Thanks, this was a small flower so maybe it was the stamp design itself. Maybe I will try a larger area type of stamp thansk! and if not hopefully the better stamper will just work better 😀


    • I don’t like paying Konad prices but I’m always afraid that I’ll buy non-Konad stuff and it won’t work. 😦 But then I see all the people who have luck with them so then I want them again. lol


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