Nail diary #55

Monday April 23rd, 2012
Tonight I was inspired by one of my favorite shows…
Tanked on the Animal Planet Channel.
We have 2 fish tanks they are fresh water– lots of guppies :)…but I just love the colors of salt water fish. They so beautiful. See my inspiration below … A picture I found on pinterest.
This mani did not go as planned but sometimes they just don’t…I tried to make scales with my dotting tool but it was an epic FAIL.
So instead this is what I came up with…
China Glaze towel boy toy on all the nails. So then instead of scales I did just layering on my ring finger in the colors that reminded me of the salt water fish below.
Colors used China Glaze frostbite turned up turquoise and sinful colors dream on on the tip. Then to blend I used china Glaze fairy dust
I’ll have to practice to perfect my fish scales and post another time…I love a good challenge but ran out of patience tonight.

Oh by the way I created a Facebook fan page, Am1esNails so if you want please like my page…I will share quick tips, random nail pics and other nail polish ramblings.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




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