Nail diary #54

Thursday April 19th, 2012
Water Marble mani take 3…
First time was good, second time was a disaster didn’t even finish it. This was was ok. It’s pretty but I don’t love it.
Please excuse around my nails…I see I missed a lil polish…but I had to take a break from it 🙂

First I did a base color Orly’s prelude to a kiss
a pinky peach
I really ❤❤❤ this color. This is one of my new FAvs!!

Colors used 4 marble:

Another Orly faint of heart the same taupe I used in nail diary #52,53. Another new fav color.
Finger paints: a muse’s rouge a lot like base color but more shear for shimmer effect, girls love pearls! a teal shimmer, and easel come,easel go a silver metallic added for a cool effect.
China Glaze white cap another shimmer white/gold
Last Sinful Colors Athens a dark teal
Using tape around nail really cuts down on clean up time!

That is a total of 7 colors…
So I love the color combo!! I think 4 the next water marble mani I will just do an accent nail because this process takes forever!!
Until next time…
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

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