Random post, polish binge

Hi all
Had a lil polish binge yesterday.
Was a long rough week n I needed a lil retail therapy, hehe.
Started off at target …got 3 there:
2 Sally Xtreme wear —
Sun kissed….a pretty orange cream
Blue me away!…. a pretty blue cream
And a sinful colors Timbleberry…. A pretty pinky coral color.
Then the family and i went out to eat, had a few margaritas and then I just had to go to Sally’s BS (it was in the same strip mall).
Noticed the China Glaze 2 for 10 deal and had to take advantage.
I had been wanting Frostbite for some time so I got that and Make some noise which almost could be a dupe for timbleberry….look at pic n tell me if u agree.
I must have really have been feeling that pinky coral color yesterday since I bought it twice…
Hmmm wonder if I should take back the china glaze one since it was $3 more than the sinful colors.
Have a stupendous Saturday night 🙂
Thanks for reading …



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