Nail diary #45

Wednesday March 28th, 2012
Well hello happy hump day.
Hmmmmmm do I love my mani this time, maybe not so much.
I have been having polish block. I think I did so many cool manis that I can’t top myself….and now it seems way too boring to just have a solid nail.
So I saw a fellow blogger do a neon gradient I thought I would do a spin off that.
I was going to do yellow base but I chickened out.


Base color is China Glaze Rainbow..3 coats to get good coverage.
Next I sponged on a layer of CG purple panic neon on 3/4 of the nail. When that was dry I sponged on CG Sexy in the City on the tips. Had to do 2 coats of SintC on tips.
I dunno it’s cute but not my favorite mani.
At least i finally tried a sponge mani…. And actually it was very time consuming so not sure I would do it agin…for the time spent I’d rather do a marble mani:)

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.





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