Nail diary #37

Tuesday March 6th, 2012
Happy almost hump day…..
I was right my nails from Sunday was a 2 day mani. The tape has a gorg effect but started to peel up on the edges after 2 days. I will be working with this tape again very soon 🙂
For some reason…tonight I was lacking inspiration for my nails tonight…took to pinterest but nothing jumped out tonight.
My sweets suggested bright pink…think spring!!
So I settled on 2 new polishes from last weekend:
Sinful colors “dream on” which dries matte. It is a beautiful magenta color….I love it but the camera just doesn’t do it justice. I did 3 coats for a smooth finish.


Over the top China Glaze “luxe and lush” from hunger games line.

Luxe and lush reminds me of Essie’s Shine of the times just chunkier. Consists of chunks of beautiful reflective Mylar confetti. I did apply 2 coats bc with just one it was a bit sparse.
Before my Seche Vite it was a very rough texture. I was pretty surprised how much it smoothed out with the fast dry top coat.
There are a few stray pieces poking through my 2 coats of top coat that are rather sharp.
It is not as easy to work with as Shine of the Times but ohhhhhh lala it is very Luxe and Lush!!! I love it ❤


Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.


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