Nail diary #25

Tuesday Feb 7th 2012
Ahhhh it’s February and love is in the air.
This mani was inspired by a fellow blogger. The heart tape method.
Colors used… Sally Hansen: “pumping iron”. And Sally Hansen gem crush: “be-jeweled”
So I did PI on all nails (3 coats)… And used the gem crush on all the tips but ring finger (2 coats). Ring finger I tried the Heart tape method….it worked ok…. Put on painters tape (cause scotch tape was not working for me) and painted heart and removed tape promptly. The heart was created by folding tape in half and cutting out a heart…just like elementary school times.
I have tiny nails so the tape kept curling up, so annoying…but nothing a lil brush can’t touch up.
Top coat was quick dry Seche Vite …. My all time fav top coat!!
I do love the gem crush…any glitter is divine in my book ❤
So results are not too bad for my first try at this method.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict





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