Nail diary #24

Saturday Feb 4th 2012
Stamping is not for sissies!!!
Just got my Konad nail stamping kit from Amazon(bundle monster) the other day. Another bday gift-this one from my mom, thanks mom!!
I got 25 plates with 5 designs on each plate.

So last night was my first try… Tried it out on my daughter first…
I got a few crazy looks from her–mainly bc I was just horrid at it…plus she picked the toughest design, a deer. So after 2 attempts she settled for snake skin stamps on her thumbs…we will have to try the deer another time.

My second attempt was my toes…those weren’t so bad.
Stamping will be tough to get used to- cleaning everything after each stamp is tricky especially if you have polished nails.
So after the toes I got brave and decided to try the hands.
First attempt was fail…had to remove polish on 3 nails and start over….grrrr not an easy task.
Also found out you can stamp pink polish since the stamper is pink, lol…will have to find another stamper online.
Finally settled on Konad plate BM-225… It’s a flower design made for entire nail (my daughter picked it out).
So I did China Glaze “diva bride” pink on entire nail…3 coats were needed to get a good base.
Then I did my stamp in Revlon’s “gold coin” on each nail.
The stamp is very subtle…thank goodness bc my stamping skills are not perfected yet and far far from perfect.
I won’t give up but this type of nail art will need lots of practice.
If anyone has any stamping tips please comment 🙂

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict






One thought on “Nail diary #24

  1. Great job for the first attempts! I find that if I hold my hand in a loose fist with nails pointing towards me…I hope I’m explaining this right…its a bit easier. kinda like the pictures where you are holding the nail polish bottle, but without the bottle. And roll the nail and the stamp together. Lol

    I have a hard time stamping other people’s nails.


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