Nail diary #19

Thursday January 12th 2012
So here in Iowa we finally got a taste of winter last night and today …which helped me to pick out my colors for my next mani.
I have just been dying to try this CG glitter polish, snow globe. This glitter polish has varying sizes of multi colored glitters…to me it seemed hard to apply evenly. But who needs even polish when you have the sparkle of glitter.
On the nail I used a china glaze polish “Sea spray” a really pretty light silvery blue; which reminds me of a wintery sky. This is a really pretty color but also hard to apply, at first it was kind of streaky but looks perfect with 3 coats.
I then applied the china glaze “snow globe” glitter on just the TIPS.
The result reminds me of what is going on outside, winter. I think it’s cute but it is not my favorite CG glitter but really you can’t go wrong with glitter 😀

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict





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