Nail diary #12

Thursday December 8th 2011
Let me just say… The new glitter polishes are hard to remove. But I guess glitter is worth it 🙂
So today my inspiration was from a fellow blogger (beautybesties moose nail art) n pic from pinterest…
What I came up with is Santa 8 reindeer n of course Rudolph!!
Colors used for Santa:
Face CG heaven, hat CG poinsettia, beard n hat CG white on white, rosey nose opi shorts story, eyes mouth CG liquid leather.
8 tiny reindeer colors:
Body CG street chic, face finger paints putty in my hands, eyes nose n antlers CG liquid leather. Twinkle in eye CG white on white.
Rudolph same as reindeer but with a poinsettia nose.
Result is so super cute.
Not gonna lie this took awhile plus I had to have my Richard do the eyes,antlers, noses n mouth.
Thanks hunny 😉
What do think… Is it too much??
I think it will b cute for the upcoming weekend celebrations.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.











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