Nail diary #5

Wednesday November 16th 2011
Time to redo mani again. Today’s mani was inspired by a fellow blogger’s photo. I saw it and knew right away I’d have to try it.
I only have one matte nail polish in my collection. Orly’s “iron butterfly”. Not my first choice in color as October kind of burnt me out on blacks… But my need to try this look out won so “iron butterfly” matte will have to do 4 now. Trust me I will be doing this mani style again. Basically all I did was nail envy first, matte base next.  Coat 3 was a clear top cost just to help with chipping. Coat 4 was the 2nd coat of matte polish … Then the tips are just my seche vite top coat (freehanded). It totally looks like a different polish but it’s not, what a great idea. The finished look is simple n gorg!! I can’t wait to get a less metallic matte and try this again!!

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.





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