Crazy 4 nail polish

20111104-061329.jpghi my name is amie and I am a nail polish addict.
I love love nail polish. Painting my nails is fun and relaxing. I like sharing pics of the my nail polish choice because the names of the colors make me smile. Plus I want to inspire others to play with colors have fun doing their nails.
This is my first blog ever….so forgive me for any mistakes ahead of time. 🙂
I have loved doing my nails since HS. My nails are all natural. I have never had fake tips because I have been lucky enough not to need them.
My secret to long strong nails is Nail Envy by OPI… Always use this as a base coat. And I always use a top coat to help with chipping.
If my nail polish chips that’s it I have to redo or touch up, can’t stand chips.
That’s my intro.
Enjoy my diary of a nail polish addict :). Thanks 4 reading.

5 thoughts on “Crazy 4 nail polish

  1. What product is good to give the nail oil? After wearing nail polish for several weeks, my nails can become dry. Do you recommend a product to help with this problem?


    • Opi has a great nail oil–good for both nails and cuticles.
      But as a general rule I never have naked nails!! I always at least have Opi Nail enVy on them.
      Happy painting fellow nail polish lover!!


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